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Your children are our Priority

 At Bottles to Bookbags Childcare we make it a priority in our program for your children to have access to the best there is to offer. The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals houses a world-class collection recognized as the finest in the Pacific Northwest and one of the best in the nation. Every year we take the kids to this museum The cost is $150.00 for our group to have a a wonderful staff member walk the children through the museum personally. The museum only does tours Tuesdays when they are closed to the public. It is located right down the road from our Childcare and we picnic lunch, the kids can also pick up a trinket in the gift shop if so desired. Every child gets to bring home a rock from the pile filled with all kids of agates, rocks and very cool stones! 


Mission Statement


At Bottles to Bookbags Childcare LLC, our mission is to provide fun, social, enriching & educational experiences for your child through nurturing, consistency and quality care. It is our belief that each child deserves the very best care and attention. We want to be that warm, bright part in your child's earliest memories of education, friends and play filled experiences. 

Because this program has an important role in shaping the social, emotional, and intellectual development of the young child.  Our daily goal is to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate infant/child care for infant/preschool children. We place a focus on the individual child's age and ability to stimulate social, cognitive, physical and emotional growth. 

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What We Offer


While with us, all ages enjoy healthy, balanced meals and snacks of quality foods and lots of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, milk or your substitute, yogurts,  beans, salads etc. We purchase organic when possible and from local farmers as well. We plant strawberries, tomatoes, cilantro and a few other things so children can begin to understand where their food comes from.  We try a variety of different foods and fruits at every meal. Before the meal we will cut them up, feel them and smell them before we even taste them. 


We regularly plan our USDA approved menus to include tasty items such as a cheesy scrambled eggs, tacos with turkey meat, home made stir-fry vegetables with noodles.  Soup and sandwiches with apple slices, whole wheat goldfish crackers, applesauce, yogurt etc. We encourage input from the kids at meal times. We welcome your child bringing a snack to school once in a while to share with all their friends at school.

About Us


  A quarter of a century old, our business were established in 1996. I started out telling one friend that I "might" start a Childcare and here I am almost 25 years later here alstill playing with children.  💕 My childcare provider for my son  time talked me into opening my own center and we have There are 3 ladies that work here full time, myself, our Director my daughter Courtney, and our Asst. Director Haven.  Bottles to Bookbags Childcare LLC. is a licensed, certified, Quality Spark rated and locally owned Childcare that offers wonderful Childcare services to families in North Plains, Hillsboro, Gaston, Banks, Forest Grove, Gales Creek, Vernonia etc. We also provide flexible scheduling, preschool activities, summer field trips, crafts, social skills, homework help and so much more! Turn to us when you need a dependable experienced childcare provider. We make sure your children receive the care they need and deserve in a safe and nurturing environment

Really Big News



I am very excited and proud to share with you some great things that are happening at Bottles to Bookbags Childcare LLC. Some of you know that I have been taking a lot of classes in Early Childhood Development and in doing so I also earned this certificate. It is a really important certificate to earn and shows our ongoing dedication and commitment to the whole child as well as understanding and placing a high value on children's learning years.

The foundation of the Spark process is continuously improving the quality of your program for the families and children you serve. Spark participants understand that even if they were to achieve the highest rating, their goals of increasing quality don't end there.

Brand New Certification Means More Spots Available!!



We have earned a new 16 count certification from the State of Oregon. What does this mean for you? It means we have couple of BRAND NEW "Super Hero" spots open for the first time ever. We are excited to be expanding our group and look forward to meeting our new friends. 

Give us a call today, this opportunity wont last long!!

Organized Group Activities


  Fun summer field trips all located in or around North Plains. Our scheduled Field trips include the Post office, Fire Dept, Police Dept, Library, privately lead tour through the Rice Rock Museum, Pumpkin Patch and so much more!! Field trip entrance fees are paid for your child as part of your childcare package with us. 

Back at the school your child can look forward to Teddy Bear Picnics, Valentines day parties, Easter Egg Hunts, Halloween parties and in December we have a magical, wonderful Santa Claus that comes to our Christmas Party every year. Santa sits and talks with your child one on one and it really makes the child feel special, it's really magical. 


Additional Information

Our "style" of Childcare is based on several philosophies, teaching styles, and a smidge or two of good ole fashioned child rearing techniques my mom taught me growing up. 

I have created my own very successful preschool curriculum over the last 24 years in business with a strong focus on Social skills. I have worked directly with children the entire 24 years, hands on every day and this provided invaluable insight. While working with the kids I have been lucky enough to be an observer as well. With my hands on approach I then researched everything I could get a hold of on Child Development and put it all together to create a program for children that really works. 

I pull out what I see as the best parts of RIE parenting (Magda Gerber), Montessori schooling, Play based learning and The Reggio Emilia approach. We put all of this information to use every day in everything we say and do with the children.  That is our goal every day. 

Loving Family Environment


Activities for Every Age big or small we have fun for them all!


 We believe each child has the ability to grow, learn and excel from birth. At Bottles to Bookbags Childcare LLC. we want each child to be challenged in a positive manner as they learn and grow. It's not about being wrong or right, good or bad it's about brand new experiences, learning empathy, social skills and an understanding for each others needs. We set up activities, put the right things in place to ensure that each child is has the ability to succeed and experience new fun and exciting things. 

Always Learning


  We have a wonderful Music teacher that comes in every other Tuesday to play and teach music to the children as a group. He is talented, kind and engaging with the children  Teacher Justin also teaches at the French Immersion school in Portland so we are lucky to have him. We believe music to be very important and a great tool to teach and bond with. Throughout the day staff will select carefully chosen music to use in teaching the kids. We highly encourage dancing, having fun and everyone joining in dancing and singing. 

Easy Drop off and Pick up


Convenient Location

Our school is located very close to Highway 26 making it conveniently quick for drop off and pick up but also located far enough inside town so that you don't even know the Hwy is there.  We are located one block away from the City of North Plains,Fire dept & Police dept. on a quiet very safe street. We have 3 parks, North Plains Elementary School and the Library all within walking distance.  After drop off parents can easily and quickly access the Hwy 26 from our location as they head off to work.  We also have North Plains Elementary School bus service to and from our front door.



Crystal Jenkins 

1 review 

February 21

I have never had any of my children in child care until after school age. with my youngest, I didn’t have that option. When I met Barbara to interview for my youngest to attend I instantly fell in love and had the sense of family. Bottles to Bookbags truly is our family and words do not Express how amazing they have been to us and our baby girl! We love you ladies and we are so blessed to have our daughter loved by you!


Stephanie Bradley

1 review

a week ago

Love Bottles to Bookbags!! All the ladies there take such good care of my boy. He only goes part -time as he gets to be home with dad part of the week but they are so good at communicating with me and sending me pictures. Especially when he isn't feeling great or when i had a hard time working full-time transitioning from stay at home om to working full time. It was so nice getting updates from the girls throughout the day. I would definitely recommend Bottles to Bookbags Childcare. 


Dylan Schill recommends

Bottles to Bookbags Childcare

March 30 at 12:12 AM 

Barbara and the entire staff is amazing, my baby couldn’t be in a better daycare and I feel no at home daycare could really compete with the level of service and care for my little guy!

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